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Grand Prairie ISD

Grand Prairie, TX

The $45 million four-story, 260,000 square foot Career and Technology High School is located on a 23-acre site that is a very prominent structure that is visible for miles in either direction. The architectural precast concrete exterior simulates large blocks of natural shell stone chiseled out of the ground and stood in place.

The project exemplifies community collaboration to the fullest extent and is the result of years of planning and coordination.
Once Corgan Associates of Dallas was selected as the architect, they formed a team consisting of the developer, architect and construction manager.  The CM brought sub contractors to the table. This process was successful in completing the entire project without a change order, on time and on budget.

Design Assistance

This school does not look like any other school because the bar was set much higher than "the norm". Typical was not good enough. The exterior of the school goes along with this concept of design. The architect wanted an exterior that looked like large blocks of natural shell stone chiseled out of the ground and stood up in place. Gate Precast worked with Corgan Associates to produce an innovative architectural precast finish at a fraction of the cost. The process began trying to match a 6” x 6” piece of shell stone that the architect supplied. The architect was adamant that the finish be consistently inconsistent – a difficult concept for precasters who typically strive for consistency of finish. Gate’s approach to simulate Mother Nature was recognized as the 2010 Best School in PCI’s Design Awards.

Precast System Details

59,425 SF Shellstone Finish Architectural Precast


General Information

Jacksonville, FL
Corgan Associates
Lincoln Builders
Grand Prairie ISD

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