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Lincoln East Parking Garage

Miami Beach, FL

Lincoln East, a six-story parking garage sits in the center of Miami’s vibrant artistic, cultural and retail district. The garage is comprised of 200,000 SF including 17,000 SF of ground-level retail and 490 public parking spaces. Aesthetics was a primary issue in the design. The exterior precast cladding features pure white, art deco penetrations. Photo by Miami In Focus, Inc.

Design challenges

The architect desired to create an exterior skin or "tapestry" as a covering for the garage. The owner did not want a high maintenance enclosure like the metal skins that were popular at the time of construction. Precast was the natural choice but employed in a way to use precast's intrinsic benefits with a fresh and interesting design. The precast concrete panels are based on a family of mother panels that are subtly altered to create a number of unique daughter panels. Each panel features dozens of 8 in. (200 mm) cube-shaped holes with beveled edges. Periodically, the holes are omitted to give the panels a random IBM punchcard feel. Revit was utilized on the project which enabled the precast designers to see the different patterns and details of the panels.

Precast System Details

15,000 square feet of architectural precast concrete. A light sandblast finish was used on the white facade.

Precast Advantages

  • Precast concrete panels were chosen because aesthetics were a top prriority in the city's art and retail district. Curved property lines are a signature throughout the historic district so it was important that the building's exterior could handle the curved corners. The penetrations at the curve are placed radially creating the illusion that the precast concrete panels are rolling around the curved corner of the building.
  • The complex combination of art deco penetrations offers a vivid display both during the day and at night. During the day, crisp shadows are created in the jambs rather than the face, and at night, the interior lights create a glowing effect.
  • The ability to erect the precast wall in about 2-1/2 weeks was a tremendous benefit to limiting the general conditions and accelerating the schedule.



From the Owner:

"Precast was the perfect material, because the most important surfaces on this building are the jambs, not the face. This is where the crisp shadows are created during the day and where the interior lights can reflect to create the building's glow at night. Other materials would have been all surface and no thickness."

George Kousoulas

General Information

Jacksonville, FL
Ten Arquitectos
Arellano Construction Co.
PLC Investments

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