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Acquilus Luxury Condominiums II & III

Jacksonville Beach, FL

This multiple-phase total precast concrete residential project utilizes interior and exterior flat slab walls and hollow-core flooring which reduced the overall construction schedule by months.

Design Assistance

The developer of Acquilus Condominiums watched masons erect masonry block at a rate of one floor per month on the 13-story initial phase of the oceanfront development. Gate Precast worked with the architect to redesign Phase II using a total precast concrete system which offered both speed of construction and economy.

Precast Concrete Solution: Ground-level parking restricted the use of shear walls. Wind frames were used in the stairs and elevators to resist the wind loads.

Precast System Details

  • 175,000 s.f. of hollow core and solid slabs
  • 96,000 s.f. of precast walls (8”-12” thick)
  • Other components: columns, beams, spandrels and stairs
  • 10 weeks of erection

Precast Concrete Advantages

Precast concrete components provide cost-effective solutions that outmatch other construction approaches

Speed of Erection: Precast Erection took 50% less time as compared to erection of masonry block in Phase 1 (Erection duration: 6 months)

Precast installation was not influenced by high winds: The condominium was exposed to high wind loads due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean. On Phase I, as the structure increased in height, erection of masonry block slowed down even further. On Acquilus II, Gate Florida Erection Company was able to overcome the influence of high wind erecting precast components to the fifth floor in just six days.

Repeat Performance

After the success of the second phase, Acquilus III, an eight-story condominium, was designed as a total precast system.

Digital Design Resources

Total Precast Concrete Solutions

From the Architect:

"In choosing to design the second phase of Acquilus as precast rather than block, speed of erection was a main benefit but the quality and precision of total precast saved us six months of construction time, the walls were smoother for finishing and the vertical shafts lined up perfectly."

Brian J. Cote
AIA, President
Cote Renard Architecture

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Jacksonville, FL
Cote Renard Architecture
Eagle Development

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