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Lucas Oil Stadium - Home of the Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis, IN

Lucas Oil Stadium is a retractable roof 63,000 seat multi-purpose stadium capable of expanding to 73,000 seats for the 2012 Super Bowl. The brick precast concrete facade was chosen to tie-in with the historic downtown Indianapolis garment district brick buildings and is a sympathetic nod to the design of venerable collegiate football stadia and fieldhouses across the Midwest. Thermal sandwich energy efficient precast wall panels with thin jumbo bricks were used to create a detailed and elegant exterior facade. The precast panels adjacent to the arched entrances incorporated limestone detailing joints within the precast. Careful detailing of the brick coursing was mocked up in order to achieve the arched brick coursing desired.

Design Assistance

Gate Precast worked with the design team to devise a thermally efficient precast concrete exterior wall system that features manganese ironspot thin brick that complements the traditional hand-laid brick used on downtown manufacturing buildings. Careful detailing of the brick coursing was mocked up in order to achieve the arched brick coursing desired. An innovative gravity connection was designed to support the arched soffit on the East and West Main Entrance.

Precast system Details

397,811 square feet of insulated brick inlay architectural precast

Precast Concrete Advantages

The 36-month construction schedule was a tight schedule for a stadium with a large retractable roof in the Midwest. Precast erection afforded the construction team the comfort that other elements would be on the critical path, but that the exterior skin precast envelope for the stadium would not be any cause for construction delays of the project. This would allow critical finishes to meet their proposed completion dates

Energy Efficient: The 8” thick 3-2-3 wall configuration incorporates two inches of continuous insulation sandwiched between interior and exterior wythes of 3" of concrete each. Insulated precast concrete wall panels maximize energy efficiency with no thermal breaks.

The large vertical pre-insulated column covers were sequentially poured which allowed them to be erected as one large piece versus three pieces. This reduction in pieces meant there were fewer pieces to erect and less sealant joints to maintain.

Rapid Installation: The system’s rapid installation does not compromise its clean lines and exacting detail, so construction time and cost savings were realized compared to field labor alternatives.

Erection and Labor Savings: The prestressed panels permit longer spans — another cost-saving aspect of the precast concrete system because it reduced erection time and labor costs.

From the Architect:

“At over 200 feet to the top of the building, it would have proven time-consuming to hand lay masonry and construct a backup system. By contrast, the brick panels could be lifted into place with a crane at a fraction of the time. The insulated composite wall system creates an exterior envelope offering brick, insulation, vapor barrier, paintable back surface, and accelerates schedule.”

David A. Skaggs, AIA
HKS, Inc.

General Information

Jacksonville, FL
HKS, Inc.
Hunt Construction Group
Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority

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