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NAS Fitness Facility & Rescue Swimmers School

Pensacola, FL

The Swimmer and Fitness School at Pensacola Naval Air Station used a total precast concrete building system that is designed to withstand both external elements (Hurricanes) and internal elements (Indoor Pool Moisture). This building system is aesthetically pleasing visually, environmentally responsible and functional for the owner’s needs.

Precast Concrete System Details

This total precast system incorporates architectural precast walls, a double tee roof system and hollow core floors. The architectural precast concrete walls serve multiple roles within the building system. The walls are designed to carry the loads from the double-tee roof system and provide hurricane protection. The walls use an inlaid thin brick system which has allowed the designer enhanced architectural expression using brick quoin corners.

The walls also have 2 inches of ISOCAST-R Polyisocyanurate insulation which equates to a R-Value of 13. Also with this type of insulation the vapor barrier is built into the facer therefore eliminating the risk of condensation forming on the inside of the building.

General Information

Jacksonville, FL
C. H. Guernsey & Company
Dick Corporation
US Navy

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