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USF Residence Hall One

St. Petersburg, Florida

The seven-story total precast concrete structure located on the Gulf Coast offers design flexibility and the best line of defense against fire and hurricane force winds. The total precast design offers a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly work site.

Precast System Details

  • 72,886 Square Feet of Architectural Precast
  • 5,824 Square Feet of 10” Hollow Core
  • 107,289 Square Feet of Double Tees
  • 1,764 Square Feet of Solid Slabs

Precast Concrete Advantages

  • Speed of Construction: Total precast offered a faster solution as compared to masonry construction. Gate completed the structure from foundation to top out in less than two months.
  • Versatility of Design: The double tee floor spans eliminate the need for interior bearing walls which allows the University versatility over the lifespan of the building.
  • Reduced Site Congestion: The components were produced in an indoor manufacturing facility and delivered to the site for immediate installation, which reduces site congestion.
  • Durability: USF is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in a 130 mph wind zone. A key challenge in the design was ensuring that the exterior system could withstand that wind pressure and take the impact of large and small missile debris without injury to the occupants within.
  • Reduced Trades: The exposed double tees and interior precast walls were painted, eliminating the need for drywall and proving an economical, durable and aesthetically pleasing finish – a perfect solution for student housing.

Digital Design Resources

Total Precast Concrete Structures
Architectural Precast Integrated Loadbearing Panels By Sid Freedman

From the Contractor:

"The load-bearing precast concrete walls and double-tee floor system offer durability, sustainability and the economics of the single element system. Gate shaved weeks off of the original schedule by completing the structure from foundation to top out in less than two months."

Bill Stinson
Senior Vice President
Elkins Constructors, Inc.

General Information

Jacksonville, FL
KBJ Architects
Elkins Constructors, Inc.
University of South Florida

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