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Achieving Aesthetic Goals with Inlaid Clay Products

An in-depth explanation of embedded materials in architectural precast systems such as thin brick, granite, limestone, slate and tile and an emphasis on the innovations in design and best practices together with appropriate applications and attachment methodologies. Project case studies will be used to highlight the materials being presented including energy savings, inherent air and vapor barriers and the differences in sustainable barrier walls.


  • Explain the embedment of natural materials such as brick, stone and tile into architectural precast concrete panels creating the first line of defense for natural elements while offering an aesthetically pleasing facade.
  • Define the difference between rain screen and rain barrier walls. Compare rain barrier systems comprised of thin brick embedded in precast concrete to traditional hand-set brick rain screen walls. Show through performance how rain barrier systems offer reduction of life cycle maintenance of the exterior facades.
  • Observe energy savings on the University of Kentucky, Patient Care Facility when using a precast concrete rain barrier system versus rain screen cladding. The material selection in the project also has inherent air and vapor barriers which heighten the performance of the building.
  • Understand how the use of thin brick embedded precast concrete walls on the exterior of the University of Florida’s Cancer and Genetics Research Complex contributed to achieving a LEED Innovation Design credit.


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